About Us

Why should you shop here at freshBULK.com?

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and check us out.  We really hope you like what you see.  We do our best to stock quality products at fair prices. Our regular prices are competitive but they are just plain cheap if you use our sales, bulk pricing and keep in mind that we are not charging extra for shipping. That's right, free shipping on all orders. We know we have to stay competitive with other online stores, big box stores, grocery stores, whoever sells items in bulk. For a small company we hold our own. Our service is top notch. We understand that you expect your order to be processed and shipped fast. We got it. Most orders go out the next business day and we ship mostly by Priority Mail so it gets to you fast.  So to sum it up, we offer quality products, at affordable prices and we get it to you fast.

Get to know us...

My name is Jay and I am the guy who came up with this idea for a website dedicated to all things bulk like trail mix, bulk nuts, bulk fruit, bulk candy, bulk chocolate, and whatever else I can think of putting on here.

As a kid I was always selling something. Very early on I sold baseball cards and candy. Looking back I didn't make much money but the experience was priceless. I opened my first bank account with money I saved from selling gum in middle school. During high school and college I was always selling something or working a job. I was always restless when I had a regular 9-5. Fast forward a few years and I had finished my MBA and was looking for a job. The job never materialized but I had the idea to open a retail store in Chicago, since I was living there at the time. That one store, that I worked every day, by myself in the beginning led to another and another and it ended up becoming a chain of retail stores. I owned and operated my stores for more than a decade. When Marcus Lemonis of CNBC's The Profit came along and wanted to purchase my stores as the basis of a national chain I decided it was time to make a move. I am proud of what I built and the reputation that I earned over the years. Now with time on my hands I was restless once again. Trailmixx.com was my next big idea. This site started as a site dedicated to all things trail mix, because I love trail mix and I could never find it in bulk at any local stores. From there the product line expanded rapidly. Once trail mix was not the main product line it was time to rebrand and refocus. That is where FreshBULK.com started. We rebranded and refreshed everything to be more in line with where the business is going. It keeps expanding and we are very excited about the future.

I really hope you enjoy the products here.  I have personally taste tested almost everything that goes on this site. Some items maybe too much "taste testing". If you love something, let me know, if you hate something, let me know. If you have a great idea for something, maybe new products, or a crazy mix, let me know.  You can email me at orders@freshbulk.com. Maybe you can come up with the next creation that ends up on our best seller list.

Thank you for shopping with us.  It really is appreciated!


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