I Like Big Boxes and I Cannot Lie

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We like big boxes and we cannot lie.

You other folks can't deny.

When a palette comes in with boxes so high,

It's tough to find them all,

You get sprung and pull out your box cutter.

Deep in the plastic, we're slashing.

We're hooked and we can't stop laughing.

Oh baby ... 

Just a normal day at the office. Our shipments roll in the warehouse every week, and sometimes it's hard to find what we need in the huge stack of boxes over our heads. 

Usually we break down the palettes and re-organize them, so the packing department has easy access. 

*Who needs the gym?*

We're getting buff by lifting all these boxes filled with delicious snacks you love.

Over to you! Check out this photo below and let us know — which item did you decide to try?