What is Our Most Popular Bulk Gummy Candy?

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Since we have a large selection of fun gummy shapes, colors, and flavors, it's hard to say which one you love the most. Who invented gummy bears? Read this post. Gummy candy is such a popular treat, we only sell it in 5lb bulk bags. I personally couldn't eat that many gummis, so I'm surprised every time we get a huge order for it. I'm not talking about just one 5lb bag, I mean, people order it by the case. 

I always ask what people are doing with all of these gummies. Of course, they eat them, but they can’t be eating cases (20-30lb) by themselves. Most of our big orders go to businesses. 

So, the next question is what kind of businesses need lots of gummi candy? The answer might surprise you. We have quite a few frozen yogurt shops that order mostly gummy bears. We assume they use it for toppings and that makes sense. A few hotels order gummis and perhaps they bring some fun to office meetings.

We've noticed that other big customers are marijuana dispensaries. That one came as a surprise when we saw the orders come in. One person called and asked if we had 20 cases of one flavor. We sell A LOT of gummies, but we don't keep that much stock of one type of gummy bear. I believe it was watermelon and I'm sure you can guess what they'd be using it for. 

We appreciate all of our bulk gummy candy customers, big and small, and whatever you use gummies for is completely up to you.

Now, time to answer the original question. What is our most popular gummy candy? Here's our top five list (taken from actual sales data):

#1 Gummi Peach Rings

#2 Haribo Gummy Gold Bears

#3 Albanese Gummi Bears 12 Flavors

#4 Haribo Happy Cola

#5 Haribo Happy Cherries

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